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Bulk printing Sales orders or Packing lists
Bulk printing Sales orders or Packing lists

Get sales management and delivery rolling quicker by printing multiple SOs in one go

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Print multiple Sales orders simultaneously to get a comprehensive overview of your sales.

โ€‹Tip: To print multiple packing lists for Sales orders that will be delivered through a packing process, select the relevant Sales orders, click the print button, and choose either Packing list or Packing list with tracing data.

Printing multiple Sales orders:

  1. Head to the Sell screen and select the Sales orders you want to print.

  2. Click the Print button at the top right corner, and choose your preferred print template.

  3. A PDF of the template will open in a new window so that you can print the selected Sales orders. All SOs are included in the same PDF, each on a separate page.

  4. Select which printer you'll use or save it as a PDF.

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