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Sending Sales order picking tasks to Warehouse app
Sending Sales order picking tasks to Warehouse app
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Note: The Warehouse app with the Pick & Pack functionality is currently available for all Standard plan or higher users as an Early Access functionality.

โ€‹This means that we're still working on improving this feature and would appreciate your feedback. Feel free to book a call with our team to share your thoughts about your experience so far using the Warehouse App.

If you have the Warehouse app enabled, changing a Sales order (SO) status to Pack all or Pack some will change the fulfilment status of the SO rows to Ready for packing. This happens whether you change the status one-by-one on the SO card or individually (or in bulk) on the SO list.

If the SO row status is Ready for packing, a task is created in the Warehouse app for the Warehouse operators.

If you've created multiple fulfilments for one SO with Pack some, these aren't merged, but instead shown as separate tasks for the warehouse operator. The operator will see the Sales order # with the sequence of the partial fulfilment in brackets.

Once a warehouse operator has Finished a task, the SO row status changes to Packed.

If any mistakes are found, you can always Revert SO rows back to Not delivered and perform changes on the Katana MRP site. You can also mark an order Delivered on the Katana MRP site. Either action removes the task from the Warehouse app.

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