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Recommended devices for the Warehouse App
Recommended devices for the Warehouse App

Which devices are recommended for the Warehouse App

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Note: The Warehouse app with the Pick & Pack functionality is currently available for all Standard plan or higher users as an Early Access functionality.

This means that we’re still working on improving this feature and would appreciate your feedback. Feel free to book a call with our team to share your thoughts about your experience so far using the Warehouse App.

The Warehouse App can be accessed from any device (with a camera), but the design is created specifically for mobile devices. The functionality is exactly the same on each device, but the design of the interface might be slightly adjusted.

Note: The Warehouse App is not an Android or iOS app but a web-based application that can be accessed via a browser. Here's how to log in to the Warehouse App.

We recommend using smart scanners or mobiles for the app as it is optimized for typical mobile screen sizes.

You can also use it on any tablet or laptop that has a camera for scanning QR codes.

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