You should mark a Purchase Order as "Received" when the items have arrived in your warehouse. The inventory levels for items included in the order are then adjusted accordingly. 

How to receive a Purchase Order?

You can mark a Purchase Order as "Received" on the Purchase Order card or in the "Buy" screen. Katana currently does not support partial receiving of Purchase Orders, you can only receive all items simultaneously.

1. Create a new Purchase Order or navigate to an existing Purchase Order in the "Buy" screen.

2. Change the Delivery status for a Purchase Order to "Received" in the "Buy" screen or open a Purchase Order and change the status in the upper right-hand corner of the Purchase Order card.

3. Your inventory levels are updated automatically.

Related stock movements

- "In Stock" quantity for the items will be increased.

- "Expected" quantity for the items will be decreased.

Read more about Purchase Order statuses.

You can also revert a "Received" Purchase Order. Read more about Reverting a Purchase Order.