Let's have a look at how Production Operations, Resources, and Operators are related in Katana.

Production Operations are steps that need to be completed to make a product. Operations can be defined for each product variant on the product card. Read more

A Resource is a workstation where the Operation needs to be completed. It can also be an employee who needs to complete the Operation. But Resource is not the same as an Operator.

A Resource can be assigned to an Operation. You can define a default Resource for each Production Operation step on each product card (one Resource per Operation).

Operators are SFC app users. You can assign Operators to Operations on a Manufacturing Order or assign default Operator(s) to each Resource in "Settings" -> "Resources" (read more). Default Operators cannot be mapped directly to Production Operations, but only to Resources.

You can assign multiple Operators to the same Resource if either multiple Operators are required to complete the task or either one of the Operators can complete it.

When a Manufacturing Order is created for a product, Katana pulls the default Production Operations, Resources, and assigned Operators to the order. You can edit these on each Manufacturing Order if needed.

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