Shop Floor Control (SFC) app users in Katana are called Operators. You can invite Operators to your Katana account from the Katana MRP application (login link here).

Only the account owner can invite Operators to Katana. The account owner typically also sets up the devices for the Operators. See the detailed flow below with some tips for setting up devices remotely.

Each added Operator gets a dedicated account and login for the Shop Floor Control app. Operator accounts are not linked to any certain mobile devices, you can log in to the same Operator account with any device (simultaneous sessions from multiple devices are not possible).

Depending on your processes and requirements, you can define Operators as:

- Individual production employees - each employee has a dedicated account and tasks list.

- Workstations - a dedicated account and task list per workstation.

Inviting Operators

1. Login to your Katana MRP account (

2. Click on the account name in the top right corner and select "Team".

3. Click "Add a new team member".

4. You can choose whether you wish to add an additional user to the Katana MRP site or invite an Operator. Select "Operator".

5. You are then asked to enter the name of the Operator and create a 6-digit login code.

Full name - enter the name of the Operator. The Operator can be a production employee or a workstation, for example.

6-digit login code - this code must be entered by the Operator when logging into the SFC app. Only numbers are allowed.

Click "Add".

6. The Operator is added to your account. You can now choose to continue with setting up the Operator device or do it later. Click on "Set up operator device" if you wish to continue immediately.

7. Setting up the operator device is done by scanning a unique QR code with the mobile device. Operator accounts are not related to any e-mail addresses but to QR Codes.

Take your mobile device and scan the QR code.

Tip: If you wish to set up devices remotely, save the QR code as an image and send it to the Operator.

8. You are now working in parallel on your mobile device and Katana MRP account. Click "Next" on the Katana MRP account.

9. The 6-digit login code for this Operator account is displayed on the next screen.

Enter the code to your mobile device on click "Log in" on the device.

Click "Next" on the Katana MRP account.

10. When the Operator is logging into the SFC app, the QR code and login code need to be used at each time.

On the Katana MRP account, you can print the QR Code on the next screen to save it for future logins. We recommend printing out or saving the QR Code as an image and sharing it with the Operator. The Operator needs to have it readily available each time they log in to their account (e.g. place it next to the workstation or share the printout with the employee).

When setting up the account for the first time, you are then shown the QR code and login code on the next screen on the mobile device. Click "Continue to the app" to finish the account setup. This screen is not displayed on the next login anymore.

The Operator account is now set up!

For logging in to the Operator account later, read more instructions here.

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