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Printing an Outsourced purchase order (OPO)
Printing an Outsourced purchase order (OPO)

Learn how to print Outsourced purchase orders

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You can print an Outsourced purchase order (OPO) in five different formats. Using the print function, you can also save it to a PDF.

Purchase order and Request for Quote printouts also include the legal name and address of your company, as well as the address of the Location assigned to the OPO. If you've added Additional costs to the order, they will be shown on those printouts.

5 different printing formats

1. Purchase Order - includes all data (except Track ingredients in location and ingredient availability) displayed on an OPO card's Purchase items tab.

2. Request for Quote (RFQ) - includes all data displayed on the OPO card's Purchase items tab except the item cost or price data.

3. Bills of materials - includes all data displayed on an OPO card's Track ingredients tab except any ingredients cost data.

4. Consolidated pick list - includes the consolidated list of necessary ingredients with quantities and Track ingredients in location information.

5. Barcodes - generates barcodes for all purchase items on an OPO. Each barcode label is created as a separate PDF page and every item variant or batch number is created as a separate barcode label. The amount of barcode labels created depends on the order quantity. Read more

In order to customize print templates, Katana offers a flexible PDF Editor to fully customize the design, data fields and special components (barcodes, images, logos). See how to create your own print templates.

To print, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the OPO card you want to print.

  2. Click on the Print icon button at the top corner of the OPO card.

  3. Select a print format from the dropdown menu.

  4. Select a printer to use or save to PDF.

Sending Outsourced purchase orders directly from Katana to your contractors is not possible. See more instructions.

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