You can print an Outsourced purchase order (OPO) in five different formats. Using the print function, you can also save it to a PDF.

Each printed OPO also includes the legal name and address of your company, as well as the address of the Location assigned to the OPO. Read more

5 different printing formats

1. Purchase Order - includes all data (except Track ingredients in location and ingredient availability) displayed on an OPO card's Purchase items tab.

2. Request for Quote (RFQ) - includes all data displayed on the OPO card's Purchase items tab except the item cost or price data.

3. Bills of materials - includes all data displayed on an OPO card's Track ingredients tab except any ingredients cost data.

4. Consolidated pick list - includes the consolidated list of necessary ingredients with quantities and Track ingredients in location information.

5. Barcodes - generates barcodes for all purchase items on an OPO. Each barcode label is created as a separate PDF page and every item variant or batch number is created as a separate barcode label. The amount of barcode labels created depends on the order quantity. Read more

In order to customize print templates, Katana offers a flexible PDF Editor to fully customize the design, data fields and special components (barcodes, images, logos). See how to create your own print templates.

To print, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the OPO card you want to print.

  2. Click on the Print icon button at the top corner of the OPO card.

  3. Select a print format from the dropdown menu.

  4. Select a printer to use or save to PDF.

Sending Outsourced purchase orders directly from Katana to your contractors is not possible. See more instructions.

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