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Manage integrations permission
Manage integrations permission

Set permissions to manage integrations, controlling who can configure and maintain third-party connections.

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Set permissions for managing integrations, ensuring that only authorized users can configure and maintain third-party connections. This is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of your integrated systems, as it restricts sensitive configuration tasks to trusted team members.

The manage integrations permission allows users to manage integrations between Katana and other applications. Learn more about integrations.

Account Owners always have this permission enabled. They can choose to share integration management responsibilities with other users.

This permission is disabled for users with default access.

Users with this permission can:

  • Access the Integrations section in the Settings screen

    Integrations section of the Settings screen

  • Set up and manage Katana integrations

  • Set up third-party integrations

The Manage integrations permission can be applied using the custom access option when inviting a new user or it can be added to an existing user by clicking their name on the Team page.

Team option from the top right dropdown menu

Read more about user permissions and team member roles.

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