"Items" in Katana include all your products and materials with variants. You can easily manage all your items and their details in one place.

Each item has a comprehensive item card, including relevant information like Name, Category, Variants, Variant codes / SKU, Sales price, Purchase price, Default supplier, Product Recipe, Production Operations.

Items can be used on Sales Orders, Manufacturing Orders, and Purchase Orders. Let's be honest, you cannot do much in Katana without any items.

Read more about creating products and creating materials.

Items can be accessed by clicking the "Items" tab in the header of Katana.

Notice that after clicking on "Items", you can see tabs at the top of the table which let you choose whether you wish to access your "Products" list or "Materials" list.

In Katana, subassemblies are products, not materials. So, subassemblies are included in your "Products" list.