Tutorial videos

Gain insight into using Katana through easily digestible videos

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Getting started

Use this section if you're new to Katana or want a refresher on some basics

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In this section you will find everything related to Sales

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If you're looking for anything related to manufacturing, this is the area

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Purchasing and Outsourcing

Information on the Buy screen and using Purchase and Outsourced purchase orders

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Find everything you need to know about Stock, Batch Tracking, and Barcodes

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Everything you need to know about Items, Variants, and Product Recipes

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Learn how to create, edit and manage Contacts in Katana

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Learn about the Settings menu, Locations, multicurrency, and managing your team/subscription

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Guides, tips, and general information about the Katana's different integrations

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Insights and Reporting

Find information on Sales, Cost, Inventory, and Production operations reports

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Shop Floor App

Learn more about the Shop Floor App and how to get the most out of it

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Information on all forms of printing and printing options - PDFs, barcodes, templates, etc.

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Some of the more common issues you may encounter or have questions about

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