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Batch tracking
Batch tracking
Video: Batch tracking and expiry datesWatch how to use batch numbers to track products and materials
Basics of Batch Tracking: Full traceabilityImplement batch tracking in Katana for full traceability from purchase to sale.
Enabling item batch trackingActivate batch tracking for each item in Katana to ensure detailed product traceability.
Purchasing batch-trackable itemsAssign batch numbers during purchase order receiving, enhancing product traceability.
Selecting ingredients from batches on manufacturing ordersSelect specific batches for manufacturing orders in Katana for detailed inventory tracking.
Assigning batch numbers to manufactured productsAssign batch numbers to manufactured products in Katana for full traceability from production to sales.
Batch tracking for subassembliesTrack batch information for subassemblies in Katana for precise inventory management.
Reporting batch numbers in the Shop Floor Control appReport batch numbers for ingredients used in the Shop Floor Control app to ensure accurate tracking.
Reverting manufacturing orders when items are batch-trackableRevert manufacturing orders (MOs) for batch-trackable items in Katana to adjust stock movements and batch assignments.
Assigning batches for sales items on a sales order (SO)Assign batch numbers to sales items in Katana for precise inventory tracking and fulfillment.
Batch tracking on outsourced purchase orders (OPO)Track batch numbers for outsourced purchase orders in Katana to ensure full traceability and accurate inventory management.
Selecting ingredient batches on outsourced purchase orders (OPO)Select specific ingredient batches for outsourced purchase orders (OPOs) in Katana for precise tracking and quality control.
Understanding the Batches listUnderstand the Batches list for effective inventory tracking and management.
Importing batch numbersImport batch numbers into Katana to streamline inventory management and ensure accurate batch tracking.
What is an "unbatched" batch?Learn about "unbatched" batches in Katana and how they function within inventory management.
Assigning batch numbers to "unbatched" itemsAssign batch numbers to "unbatched" items in Katana for improved inventory management and traceability.
What is an empty batch?Understand what an empty batch is in Katana and how to manage them for effective inventory tracking.
Adjusting stock for batch-trackable itemsAdjust stock for batch-trackable items in Katana to maintain accurate inventory levels and batch records.
Transferring batch-trackable stock between LocationsTransfer batch-trackable stock between locations in Katana for accurate inventory management.
Disabling item batch trackingLearn how to disable item batch tracking while managing historical batch data.
Keeping historical batch data when turning off item batch trackingLearn how to preserve historical batch data when disabling batch tracking for items.
How to exporting batch tracking infoExport batch tracking information to a spreadsheet for better inventory management.